Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Character Background #3

Faoud ibn Samir

Qoute: “Why should we fight, when we can drink, gamble, and whore?”

You are of moderate build, rather handsome, and present a fine figure. Your hair is black, oiled and curly, your eyes are blue, and your sport a finely groomed mustache and goatee. You dress in the best possible, given your situation, wearing silk underclothes, bisht (cloak), and a very fancy keffiyeh (hand scarf).

You were born a freeman, though one of very low status. Your mother was a dancer in an acting troupe in the capital city of Buhtan, and your father could be anyone. Growing up in the Actors Quarter, you learned how to sing, dance, and play the oud at an early age. Seeking a better life, you also learned how to read, write, and speak as a gentleman. After your mother died, you wandered the Caliphate seeking fame and fortune before returning to the city of your birth. Your skills and silver tongue helped you find a place performing for nobility and even for the Caliph himself in the palace. Sadly, your penchant for romantic intrigue (and especially young, wealthy women) has landed you in trouble many times. One of the people you often adventure with, and a good friend as well, is Malik Sudani, a big barbarian and former gladiator turned freelance thief and hired muscle. Another good friend is the bounty hunter Kassar the Elf, though his non-humanness is a bit upsetting.
Recently you have been pursuing the young and beautiful daughter of Emir Tariq of Ghaloum. The radiant Mirriam had nearly succumbed to your charms when your tryst was revealed and you lost your place at court. Forced to scrape to survive, you now live in a rat infested apartment in the filthy Backwaters area. Yesterday afternoon you were to meet sweet Mirriam in the Gardens of Bashir. You showed up early to make sure things were safe, but shortly before she was to arrive, you heard her scream out, followed by sounds of a struggle. You ran to were you heard her, only to find no Mirriam and only a dropped handkerchief bearing her initials. Reeling with despair, you sought out your friends Malik Sudani and Kassar the Elf. You are returning to Malik’s apartment after drinking long into the night at The Sign of the Happy Manticore.
After rescuing the beautiful (as well as young and rich) Mirriam from the clutches of the Cult of Tsagotha, you have found your situation unchanged. She, who was your love, is now under the protection of the Caliph and resides in his harem. Her father, the Emir, rewarded you greatly with a golden cup filled with Lions, plus a ruby ring made of twisted platinum wire. Sadly, you have spent the coin on drink and women (to forget your lost love, of course) and hawked the cup to make rent. Seeking better fortunes, and hoping to avoid Jumba’s assassins, you have decided to accompany Malik across the sands…

Siraj ibn Nuri, gatekeeper at the palace and old friend
The Yellow Dove acting troupe
Mahdi of the Single Eye, a reclusive and fearsome wizard

About the Setting:
The Caliphate is a vast empire stretching from the Great Escarpment in the north to the Great Erg in the south. It is the center of trade for the continent of Alateff. The empire is rules by a hereditary monarch, currently Kahfir XI, of the house of Amara. The climate is warm with cool nights and little rain. Social structure is based around class, and the various classes (slave, freedman, freeman, noble) are forbidden to marry. Most citizens are human, though the D’Kala (lizardmen) and Sha’ir (Halflings) are often found in their own quarters of the cities. Outside the cities, the terrain ranges from tropical savanna in the north to arid plains and hills in the south. Tribes of nomads wander these areas, most notably the Hatari (wild elves).
Magic is rare and usually used for evil, thus most people fear any who use it. That said, most nobles employ a wizard or two for various purposes. People are also wary of any non-humans, especially hatari. Magic rarely can be bought or sold, but alchemy is very common, for the right price.

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