Monday, January 4, 2010

Gaming New Year’s Resolutions

Most people make New Year’s resolutions, and most people don’t live up to them. In addition to exercising, eating healthier, and making a larger profit freelancing. I have decided to make some gaming related resolutions:

I will play a character build I have never tried before. Since I will be playing in a Pathfinder campaign soon, I am looking at the D&D core races and classes I have never tried. That means a gnome/ halfling/ half-orc sorcerer of some kind.

I will stick to a campaign or character for longer than three months. Of late, I have changed campaigns I am running or characters too frequently. It is a bad habit, and one that reduces the enjoyment of everyone at the table.

I will use the map boards and counters I have purchased. Recently I have dumped almost all of my miniatures collection, they were a weight around my neck as they usually did not get painted or used. Counters are meant to replace them, and I will get off my butt and make them.

I pledge to always roll fairly and openly as a GM, never again to cheat in the party’s favor or to make a better story.

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