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Interplanetary PCs for GenCon 2012

Lance Corporal Carlos Xavier Casablanco

Lance Corporal Casablanco was born in a small fishing village on Nuevo Mexico. There he grew up as the son of an artisan lobster fishermen, an occupation that harvested select lobsters for high-end markets. Carlos took to his duties as one of the fourteen children in the Casablanco family, proving to have a knack for both operating and maintaining anything with an engine. His oldest sister was slated to take over the lucrative lobster contracts and license, and most of his other siblings either married and moved to the edge of the colony or got into a Terra-side college. Left to his own devices, Carlos fell in with a group of street racers in the colony's capital, Leon. At sixteen, Carlos was involved in a multiple car pile up, and sent to the colony's work farm for two years. When he returned home, his father and oldest sister marched him off to the USMSC recruiting center and brow beat him into enlisting. The experience awakened a savage curiosity to see the stars. Carlos lives hard and drives fast, rather it is in his squad's M134 Warthog or GSDS-836 Valkyrie. He has become infatuated with Old Earth classic movies, and when off duty affects a style he calls 'outlaw biker'. First Lt. Anthony Wong: Yes sit, right away sir. Stuck up ring knocking Earther. Pfc. Sally XXII: You could learn so much about life baby. Let's take a walk in the woods next R&R, hmm? Pfc. Elizabeth Cartwright: Big beautiful and deadly. Lance Corporal Lisa Stevens: Hello, miss techie, I've got a busted, uh, something or other in my bunk. HM3 Johnny Kraken: Ick, he may be the best doc in the fleet, and I'll kick the ass of anyone who says otherwise, but he is one weird dude.

First Lt. Anthony Wong

The Wongs are a wealthy San Francisco family with a hand in industry and politics. Anthony grew up one of the privileged elite on Terra, and even toured the inner colonies after graduating from preparatory school. With an eye towards a political career, he was encouraged to enlist in the US armed forces, and an appointment to the USSN academy at Aldrin Station, Luna was arranged. To his family's dismay, instead of a safe tour in the USSN (most likely on a Sol System fleet cruiser), Anthony instead opted to join the USMSC and serve on the Frontier. Lt. Wong is a by the book officer, though he is flexible enough to throw it out when it conflicts with the mission. He is an honorable and honest person, one who has internalized the martial disciplines taught him in the academy. Once Wong saw the state of affairs on the Frontier, he decided that a short tour and then back home to run for city council was not right for him. He can do better work and help more people here, where civilization ends and the wilderness begins. Lance Corporal Carlos Xavier Casablanco: Professional, resilient, but far too independent minded to make an excellent marine. Pfc. Sally XXII: The model of the brave and loyal marine. Pfc. Elizabeth Cartwright: Mars makes big woman and the best enlisted in Exlpored Space, and Cartwright is a fine example of that. Lance Corporal Lisa Stevens: Stevens is a gifted technician, but too much of her between mission time is spent on personal grooming. HM3 Johnny Kraken: Efficient, but frequently intrusive.

Pfc. Sally XXII

Sally was designed to be the latest generation synthetic trooper nearly fifty years ago, but the program was terminated and the fertilized embryos placed in cryogenic storage. Three years ago this 'over sight' on the part of the Department of Defense was reveled, and at the insistence of pro-synthetic political groups, the embryos were thawed out and brought to term. Sadly, most did not survive decades in storage, but a few proved viable. Sally was one of the lucky ones, and a near-perfect clone of the others of her model. After undergoing a crash indoctrination program, Sally was given three hundred dollars, a suit of clothes, and a ticket to any planet she wanted. Instead, she walked out of the indoctrination center, took a left, and enlisted in the USMSC. She still doesn’t know why, but something in her compelled her to join the US military. Her surname was what the instructors at the indoctrination program called her, numbering each 'Sally' in order to make their own lives easier. Lance Corporal Carlos Xavier Casablanco: This is what freedom gives to people, clear head, strong body, and, well, freedom. First Lt. Anthony Wong: Friendly but aloof, you often feel he thinks of you as piece to be moved around the board. Pfc. Elizabeth Cartwright: My only friend in this squad. Lance Corporal Lisa Stevens: What have I done to her to deserve such regular disdain? HM3 Johnny Kraken: What went wrong with his batch?

Pfc. Elizabeth Cartwright

Elizabeth grew up on Mars hearing stories of that famed hero of the USMSC, Elizabeth Lang, having been named after the women called the Savior of Mars, St. Elizabeth, or the Battle Valkyrie of the Red Planet (Martians are known for their hyperbole). It was no wonder that young miss Cartwright joined the USMSC as soon as her apprenticeship as a miner was over. As a native of Mars, Cartwright has what has become known as the 'Mars Look'. Her features are a blend of Asian and European genes, and her physique hints at the early stages of the colony's settlement when massive genetic manipulation programs were attempted in order to create humans better suited to living and working underground on an alien planet. Sure she won’t win any beauty contests, but she is more than capable of winning hearts with her warm personality, cheery demeanor, and firm grip on her M46 SAW. Lance Corporal Carlos Xavier Casablanco: How weird it must have been to grow up with clear skies and next to an ocean. He's cute too. First Lt. Anthony Wong: A strong leader and a good officer, like the Corps always produces. Pfc. Sally XXII: She's really only a child, you know, but it’s not her fault. Lance Corporal Lisa Stevens: This little thing keeps rubbing her nose in my business. She knows her job well, but seems to think being a marine is about looking good while fixing a tank. HM3 Johnny Kraken: His hands are as cold as his heart.

Lance Corporal Lisa Stevens

The child of freelance computer technicians, Lisa grew up in the shadows of the big corporate arcologies. Her parents refused to work for the corps, and instead set up their own repair shop on the edge of the slums. Never wealthy, they were able to pay the dependant tax for one child, and poured all their love and support into raising Lisa. They were also able to afford to set aside a small amount of money so she could go to college, not a Terran one, but a fine school in the inner colonies. Unfortunately, United Technical Support opened up a shop in the neighborhood, and soon undercut the Stevens. One day, a man in a suit came into the shop and commented on how it would be a bad thing if anything happened to it, or to the Stevens. The family took the hint, and Lisa's college fund was needed to pay for the family to immigrate to the Frontier where their skills would be needed and they could avoid corporate harassment. As her parents left for Franklin, Lisa left for the USMSC, finding it a viable place to get the advanced training she needed to strike out on her own. She is a complete professional, focused on the job above all else and not prone to fraternizing with her squadmates. In truth, Lisa has never gotten the hang of social interaction, preferring to spend her time with computers and other technical hardware. Lance Corporal Carlos Xavier Casablanco: He spends so much time alone, and when he's not he's with Cartwright. What a shame. First Lt. Anthony Wong: Like the people who ran your family off of Terra he gives orders, but at least he is competent. Pfc. Sally XXII: Synthetics should have been discontinued years ago, we don’t need them taking our jobs. Pfc. Elizabeth Cartwright: What a brute of a woman, and not too bright as well. HM3 Johnny Kraken: I think he has the bedside manner of a welding robot, and the personality as well. Shame he's TriVid star hot.

HM3 Johnny Kraken

According to Federal Law, Johnny should never have been born. His was an illegal synthetic batch, grown in violation of the US Constitution to serve as the personal nurses and playthings of a well respected conservative Senator. When the existence of Johnny and his six cloned siblings (the batch was half male and half female) they were freed and the Senator was sentenced to life at the penal colony on Franklin. Johnny was sent to an indoctrination center and released. His designation as a service model prevented any respectable hospital from hiring him, and he lacked the funds to immigrate and start a new life. Seeking a way to avoid a life in porn or brothels, Johnny enlisted in the USSN. Figuring that sailors were called 'squids' Johnny decided he would be a Kraken. Needless to say, no one is amused. Although a figure of perfect physical beauty, HM3 Kraken does not posses much of a personality, being somewhat aloof and awkward. He tends to treat people, especially patients, as inanimate objects he is forced to deal with. He does not have a bedside manner at all, but is one of the most technically proficient medics on the Frontier. Lance Corporal Carlos Xavier Casablanco: Good health, suffers from some minor self-inflicted injuries due to promiscuity and alcohol consumption. The unit has been treated with broad range antibiotics and anitvirals, as well as counseling. First Lt. Anthony Wong: Maintains adequate fitness levels, but has occasional bouts of depression, though he denies it. Does not respond to counseling. Pfc. Sally XXII: Excellent combat model that suffers only from psychological defects concerning her role in the world as a synthetic. Pfc. Elizabeth Cartwright: If this unit does not perform routine maintenance, she will lose muscle tone and gain excess adipose tissue. Advised unit, but received a rather passive-aggressive response. Lance Corporal Lisa Stevens: Similar to Lance Corporal Casablanco, this unit indulges in recreational activities that are counter to good health and hygenie. Unit also spends a lot of time on personal maintenance beyond need for adequate physical and mental conditioning.

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