Sunday, May 23, 2010

A note from the elven fighter Alvander

Alvander’s Journal
For Ted’s Pathfinder Campaign

What a wonderful time we have been having lately. Ailos and I were wandering through the Endless Orchards when we happened upon out niece, Mira. And to make things even better there’s been a lot of creepy murders in the area so we get to be heroes again (not that we weren’t already heroes, we just had been busy with other things).
We checked these out, and Ailos fell down a well, but my horse, Sammy, managed to pull him out. Interesting development with Sammy, his quarter-centaur is coming out, He can count, answer yes or no questions, and is eve learning to play the panpipes.
Anyway, we staked out this well hoping the killer would return and steal back the box Ailos landed on, but that didn’t happen. Then this demon hound started barking so we chased it around in the rain, but couldn’t catch it. While we did that, I taught Mira some of the finer points about adventuring, such as which weapons to use, how to cover each other’s backs, the usual stuff. Oh, and we played shadow puppets while my brother ran around some more in the rain.
The next night, Ailos finally took my advice about setting a trap for the demon dog, and we disguised a wagon and set off riding around at night. It worked (though I think Ailos should have worn a dress as bait). The beastie attacked, but I managed to drive it off. We then found some more dead bodies, or parts of bodies. Ailos tracked one to a hollow in a tree and spent a long time fishing around in the goo that was a nobleman. He is always doing icky stuff like that. HE also dug around in some demon poo that next day.
Tomorrow we are heading to the Eastern Sister to follow up on a clue about the dead nobleman. I think it’s the Reeve who is behind it, but we need more proof before I can go around kicking in doors and laying down some steely justice. I like that, steely justice. Hopefully when we are in town I can go to the Drunken Gull and visit some of my old shipmates from the Pegasus, like One Armed Pete and Rusty Jack. Oh, and I might get a haircut, if you know what I mean.

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