Thursday, May 27, 2010

A poster found throughout out the Union, Misurah, and Tejas

Goodnight-Loving Cattle Company

Is looking for

Experienced Herdsmen, Drovers, Wranglers, Cooks, Doctors of Medicine, Preachers, Scouts, and Guards


Driving a Herd of Cattle from

Dove Town, Empire of Tejas
Abilin, Republic of Misurah

Across unknown territory

We are especially looking for
Men and Women able to operate several days ride ahead of the drive to clear the way and act as our Vanguard

Contact C. Goodnight or O. Loving at the Lonely Pigeon Saloon in Dove Town

Payment will be in shares equal to one-fiftieth the price of the cattle at Abilin.

1 comment:

  1. Was there already a set price on the cattle? or is there some negotiating to be done as well?